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Clean and Faster image For Internal and External Flash

Patched Under Ubunut

-Image For AZBox
-I have Conversion & Patched to Ferrari DM800 Boxes
-I have added last drivers 20131228-r7.1
-Edit opkg Feed
-AC3 Working
-Fixed WLAN Connection

How to Download Enu and active it: -Menu -spaPANEL > openSPA CAMD Manager > Download -Emu > Then pres ok on any emu you want > then press yellow buttom (Install) > Ok Then Select & Active emu: -Menu -spaPANEL > openSPA CAMD Manager > from CAMD select emu and press green buttom P.s: After install CCcam you will find CCcam info plugin on Blue button...No need to install it

How to change menu list show : -Menu -Customize > Customize Home Menu -Press green button (options) -Overview menu enigma with openSPA Menu = No -press green button (Save) -Exit > Yes > Ok

About remote control How to adjustment ****
input device
press ok to dreambox remote control (native) and adjustment as you like ..

Warning:Don't Make Update Online

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