Merlin3 image for DM-8000HD

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Merlin3 image for DM-8000HD


Post by Active2u™ » 14 Jul 2013, 9:26 pm

Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit.

- update default skin
- finally add progress bar to ExtendedNumberZap
- stop running recording before deleting this recording (this only works with Merlin3-Infobar)
- new feature:
-- stop running recording and stop playing the recording before deleting (or moving) this recording
-- (this only works with Merlin3-MovieSelection) move-mode a running recording will not stop
- new feature:
-- Service-Recording Settings (replacement for ServiceMoviePath) with individual settings for selected services: recording path, margin before and after
-- (if you use 99 for margin before and/or margin after, the default margin values from enigma2 will be used...)
-- Attention: this new feature is a replacement for ServiceMoviePath, so all old data from this settings are LOST!!! (sorry for that )
- show channelname in lcd when using ExtendedNumberZap
- replaced eTimer with eFixedMessagePump to stop the thread (that fixes the bug reported from bobo71
- update translations (de / fr)
- ChannelNumber-Renderer: blank channel number when new channel is not in a bouquet
- Webifpastebin-Patch: paste a URL to be played on Dreambox on the Mediaplayer-WebIF page
- initial check-in of lamedbconverter plugin (creates file needed in PiconMapper)
- Default skin: Add UptimeInfo to about and SIB
- Initial checkin of UptimeInfo converter
- check for .user_aliases in .profile
- initial check-in of PiconMapper

Siehe auch: -> OE und Enigma2-Plugins auf Schwerkraft

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