TS-Doctor v 2.2.9

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TS-Doctor v 2.2.9

Post by ashiqnaveed12 » 08 Feb 2019, 9:53 am

- For longer recordings (3 hours and more), PIDs are now searched at additional places (extended PID scan)
- For recordings of several shows in a row, the video is analysed for each show individually
- Better result of the commercials detection via video analysis
- Fix for some bugs in the video analysis procedure

some recordings were not recognized as Enigma recordings, if just the .ts.ap or the ts.sc file is missing.

- New MediaInfo function

- DVB subtitles have been sporadically cut off for some Danish channels

- Log for PCR rebuild

- Fix for recordings from media libraries, having only one PPS and one SPS

download here

https://www.cypheros.de/download.php?f= ... r2_Eng.exe

thanks to
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