Information of Oscam Configuration

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Information of Oscam Configuration


Post by Athart » 31 May 2018, 11:55 am

OSCAM configuration files

1.1 Required files
oscam.conf - The main configuration file contains global parameters such as debugging, monitoring, anti-skidding, setting up access to cards from users via various protocols. The presence of the [global] section is mandatory, the rest are optional.
oscam.server -The file contains settings for access to external and internal sharing servers. The number of [reader] sections must be at least one.
oscam.user - Contains user accounts
oscam.dvbapi - Configuration file DVBAPI for OSCAM. Allows you to flexibly configure the work of the emulator with different providers.

1.2 Support files
Contains descriptions of CAID, ProvID, SID channels. Allows you to organize rules for filtering the viewing of packets (channels). Up to 64 sections are allowed.
oscam.srvid - Description of the service channel ID (SID), serves only to display information about the viewed channel when using a monitor or web interface. To save memory, it is recommended to leave only descriptions of the channels actually used.
oscam.provid - serves for obtaining additional information based on the CAID and ProvID of the viewed channels when using a monitor or web interface.

1.3 Additional files - Anti-skating settings for OSCAM. If you do not keep a commercial server for sharing, you can not bother
oscam.cert, oscam.ird, oscam.tiers, oscam.guess - highly specialized files
In normal conditions, you can do without these files.

1.4 Also in different oscam assemblies oscam.key file can be used

-the key file providing the emulator working when viewing channels with known keys for different encodings:
- for modification from yuriks it's Biss, Cryptoworks, ****** 2, Viaccess 2.6 and 3.0
- for 5 modifications from lelik declared support - Biss, Viaccess2.3, Viaccess2.6, Viaccess3.0, Cryptoworks, Irdeto1, *******, Nagra1, Nagra2, Seca1, Conax. Currently open TNTSat (0500: 030B00), CSat (0500: 022610), ORF Digital (0D05: 04), Kingstone / Arqiva (0D00: 20) and some others.
- In the original oscam from the streamboard, constantcw support is declared with their connection via the file

Basic configuration files of the configuration

Log output to the console, you can also use it in a file or in a format for syslog -
logfile = [filename], [syslog], [stdout], by default logfile = /var/log/oscam.log
logfile = stdout
disabling the log, default = 0 (log is enabled)
disablelog = 1
priority for the process, can vary from -20 to +20 ( where -20 is the maximum priority), given the modestness of the oscam, you can put less resources on resources. If this parameter is absent then the default is assumed to be 99
nice = -1

waiting time for the DW key. The maximum waiting time for the DW key from the server in milliseconds, if there is no answer during this time, we will see the timeout. If the value is up to 100, the dimension is taken into account not in milliseconds, but in seconds. Default = 5
clienttimeout = 8000
repeat request if there is no response for this time. The time in milliseconds from the moment the first request to the server leaves the server, which will be repeated if the response is not received, default = 2500
fallbacktimeout = 4000
wait for the internal CS server before opening the network ports. Default = 0 (do not wait)
waitforcards = 1
the duration of the additional delay in milliseconds after waiting for the internal CS server at startup before opening the network ports. Default = 500
waitforcards_extra_delay = 800
try to decode the request on internal maps. Default = 0 (do not try)
preferlocalcards = 1
delay before sending DW to the receiver from the cache, some receivers poorly digest too fast response. Default = 0 (no delay)
cachedelay = 300
this parameter is used in the modification from yuriks, it is used to assign null value provID for the operation of the balls of packets in the ****** encoding (for example Redlight HD)
setirdetoprov = 0

[monitor] # port monitor connection port 988
port = 988
nocrypt =
aulow = 120
hideclient_to = 0
# monitoring monitoring level
# 0 = no access to monitor
# 1 = only server and own procs
# 2 = all procs, but viewing only, default
# 3 = all procs, reload of oscam.user possible
# 4 = complete access
monlevel = 4
specify the channel name
appendchaninfo = 1 in the log

# section that allows to share a card for home (and not only) sharing by the protocol newcamd
port = port @ CAID: IDENT
as an example Tricolor map 52 series
# port = 10500 @ 4AE0: 15
as an example Tricolor map 13 series
# port = 10500 @ 4AE1: 11
key = 0102030405060708091011121314

[dvbapi] # section dvbapi
enable section
enabled = 1
enable card update
au = 1
for our tuner type exactly so
boxtype = none
user = root

This parameter reduces the probability of falling oscam
pmt_mode = 5
# PMT mode:
# 0 = use camd.socket and PMT file, default
# 1 = disable reading PMT file
# 2 = disable camd.socket
# 3 = read PMT file on startup only
# 4 = do not use signal handler for monitoring / tmp
# 5 = do not use signal handler for monitoring / tmp, disable camd.socket
parameter for speeding up channel switching
request_mode = 1
this parameter should help with remote card
upgrade #Force_Emm = 1

[anticasc] # section describing anti-skating rules
section included if = 0 - anti-cascading disabled, default = 0
enabled = 1
number of users on account as
numusers = 1
time measurement period
sampletime = 3,
the number of periods for measurement, default: 10
samples = 10
penalty = 1
# Type of punishment:
# 0 = only entry in the log
# 1 = sending false replies CWs
# 2 = disabling the user for a time
fakedelay = 200
number of false responses, default 8
denysamples = 9
#AcLogfile = /tmp/aclog.log
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