Plugin Password Remvover E2 Boxes

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Plugin Password Remvover E2 Boxes


Post by Aliraza63 » 12 Jan 2016, 10:05 am

Plugin Password Remvover E2 Boxes

Some times we use backup and we face the password protection problm in conneting with ftp or some time we also set our own password but forget it after some weeks . Any problem in this kind of issue we have a plugin which will reset the password to default or can clear also.!4MsC0SYA!T7oojOivsl7xqVmET4Y5V8vY2J5kt1Btbgt60UYckrA
VU+ UNO-4K (Paradise Build)
VU+SOLO-4K(Bitch House Edition)
VU+ DUO2(4Tuner)(Kodi Edition)
VU+SOLO2(Ali Edition)

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