!!!!**News**!!!! Dream-Elite Coming soon DE 4.0R005

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!!!!**News**!!!! Dream-Elite Coming soon DE 4.0R005

Post by tomydeo » 26 Feb 2014, 8:16 pm

Dream Elite 4.0 001r005

Dream Elite staff is glad to announce the new upcoming Dream Elite 4R005, the image includes brand new amazing functions that will surprize you. Look at new DEsetting, this function will allow you to set your favorite settingman and forget about updates or Interactive Button which will replicate interactivity on most channel and provider. Although these functions are still in a beta phase, they are the result of the hard work of all the staff, collaborators and friends of Dream Elite Forum. We hope you will enjoy all of them !!
Very special thanks to Bobsilvio, for the tune-up on USB - DTT drivers OE 2.0

New bootlogo

New skin METRO (Thanks Spark and Mmark)

New DTT panel New DTT drivers on dm7020HDV1-V2 and soon on all models (Thanks to Bobsilvio)

New USB detection (customized USB is now recognized in all functions included channel list)

New DEsetting function (autoupdate channel list, set and forget function)

New Interactive button (automatically shows green button on interactive channel)

New extra feed for non common packages requirements

Enhanced Interactive Mosaics plugin (now with more providers)

Enhanced compressed file installation

Language fixes

Dream Elite Manager v. 2.64

All Dream-Multimedia updates as per git.opendreambox.org Git

Enigma2 specs :

Kernel version 3.2.54

Enigma2 version 20140219

Drivers 20131228

Credits : spark, mmark, m43c0, Nbla000, Bobsilvio
Special Thanks: eidii (coder), Muca, Dreamlover, Piri, mr.strauss and all Dream Elite staff members

Dream-Elite 4R005 Metro Bootlogo


Dream-Elite 4r005 Metro Skin Infobar

Dream-Elite 4r005 Metro Skin Infobar Extended

Dream-Elite 4r005 Metro Channel List

Dream-Elite 4R005 DTT Panel

Dream-Elite 4r005 Enhanced USB function

DEsetting : Automatic download settingman

DEsetting : Automatic download settingman setup

Dream Elite 4r005 Plugins

DreamElite 4r005 Player

Dream-Elite 4r005 Info

Available soon !!