Streaming from 32:9 monitor to 4K TV Help

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Streaming from 32:9 monitor to 4K TV Help


Post by Shivani103 »

I'm using the Steam Link app on Apple TV to stream from a 32:9 ultrawide monitor to a 4K Samsung TV. How do I make the resolution stop being so wacky?! occasionally big picture will open in 32:9, making everything on the TV impossible to view, and occasionally it will open in 1080p, trapping my game (now MH Rise) at 1080p.

What settings do I need to change to allow Steam Big Picture to fit the resolution of my TV when it boots up and again when I'm in a game?

I tried activating "Adjust desktop resolution to match streaming client," but now Big Picture is set to 1080p and my games are set to 1920x1080p.

I really want to watch big picture on my sofa, but it seems like I'm wasting hours trying to get it to work when I could simply be a little less comfortable sitting at my desk and really playing.

Thank You.

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