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Posted: 25 Mar 2020, 2:00 pm
by sakisvele
1Coronavirus COVID ‑ 19 continues to spread throughout the planet. On the evening of Tuesday, March 24, the number of cases exceeded 400 thousand people, of which more than 18.5 thousand died (in Ukraine, according to official information, respectively, 100 and 3 people). We offer our readers another material with useful information regarding the coronavirus. Using WHO recommendations, we will consider and refute popular rumors and myths about a dangerous disease.

1. Transmission of the viral pathogen COVID ‑ 19 occurs in areas with a cold (hot) humid climate

According to current data, transmission of the viral pathogen COVID ‑ 19 can occur in any areas, including areas with a cold, hot or humid climate. If you live or travel to an area where new cases of coronavirus have been reported, take protective measures regardless of climatic conditions. Regular washing of your hands with soap or their treatment with an alcohol-containing antiseptic is the best way to protect yourself against COVID ‑ 19. This measure eliminates possible viral contamination of the hands and avoids infection if you touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

2. New coronavirus transmitted through mosquito bites

COVID ‑ 19 is a respiratory virus primarily transmitted by airborne droplets, i.e. as a result of inhalation of drops released from the patient’s respiratory tract, for example by coughing or sneezing, as well as drops of saliva or nasal discharge. At the moment, information about the possibility of transmission of the virus through mosquito bites is missing. To protect yourself from infection, you must stay away from people who have a cough or fever, as well as observe the rules of hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene.

3. Pets carry coronavirus infection

. None. Dogs and cats can get COVID ‑ 19, but they cannot infect humans. Pet tests can only give a positive result if the animals pick up the virus from their owners.

4. Staying outdoors in cold and snowy weather will help destroy the new coronavirus.
Options: a hot bath, hand dryer, ultraviolet lamp for disinfection (UV lamp), eating garlic can help a
healthy person's body temperature range from 36.5 ° to 37 ° regardless of the ambient temperature or weather. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that staying outdoors in cold weather helps to fight a new coronavirus infection or other diseases. For the same reason, taking a hot bath will not save you from the virus.

Hand dryers also do not destroy COVID ‑ 19.

UV lamps should not be used to sterilize hands or other areas of the skin, as ultraviolet radiation can cause erythema (irritation) of the skin.

Garlic is a healthy product with certain antimicrobial properties. However, during the current outbreak there was no evidence of garlic intake as a means of preventing infection with the new coronavirus.

5. Surface treatment of the whole body with ethanol or bleach allows the destruction of a new coronavirus

. No. Treating the whole body with alcohol or bleach will not destroy viruses that have already entered the body. Spraying such substances can harm clothing and mucous membranes (i.e. eyes, mouth). It should be remembered that both alcohol and bleach can be effective means of disinfecting surfaces, but they must be used in appropriate cases and in compliance with the rules.

6. Antibiotics are an effective means of preventing and treating a new coronavirus infection.

No, antibiotics do not work against viruses. They allow you to treat only bacterial infections. COVID ‑ 19 is a virus, and therefore antibiotics should not be used to prevent and treat coronavirus infection.

However, patients hospitalized with COVID ‑ 19 infection may be given antibiotics to treat concomitant bacterial infections.

7. Wearing a medical mask protects against infection with COVID ‑ 19

First of all, people with symptoms of the disease need to wear masks. The mask on the face of an infected person prevents the spread of the virus with drops of the patient's saliva when sneezing or coughing. The mask on the face of healthy people who are with the infected (closer than 1.5 meters) will become a barrier to the virus and it will not get on the mouth or nose, which the mask covers. But all this will work only if the mask has been dressed, removed and disposed of correctly. After all, the main way of infection is getting the virus from the hands on the mucous membranes of a person.

8. Thermal scanners allow you to identify all infected COVID-19

Thermal scanners allow you to effectively detect those people who, as a result of infection with a new coronavirus, developed a fever (fever).

However, it is not possible to identify infected people before the fever stage using this technology. From the moment of infection to an increase in temperature, two to ten days pass.

9. Only elderly people can become infected with the new coronavirus, and young people are less susceptible to this infection

. COVID ‑ 19 can be infected by all age groups. It seems that older people and people with certain diseases (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) are at increased risk of developing severe forms of coronavirus infection.

In the zone of least risk are people aged 10 to 39 years, for whom the probability of disease is 0.2%. For 40-49 year olds - 0.3%, respectively; for 50-59 year olds - 1.3%; for 60-69 year olds - 3.4%, for 70-79 year olds - 7.8%. In the zone of greatest risk are elderly people aged 80+, for them this figure is 13.5%.

10. A coronavirus vaccine already exists. Soon it will be around the world

At the moment, there are no recommended medicines for the prevention or treatment of infections caused by COVID-19.

However, infected patients should be provided with the necessary medical care to alleviate and relieve symptoms, and appropriate supportive care should be provided to those with severe illnesses. Currently, work is underway to create specific drugs against the new coronavirus, and they will have to undergo clinical trials. WHO, together with several partners, is helping to accelerate the development of new medicines....

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