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Enigma2 channel and satellites list editor for GNU/Linux.
Experimental support of Neutrino-MP or others on the same basis (BPanther, etc).
Focused on the convenience of working in lists from the keyboard. The mouse is also fully supported (Drag and Drop etc)

Main features of the program:

*Editing bouquets, channels, satellites.
*Import function.
*Backup function.
*Extended support of IPTV.
*Support of picons.
*Downloading of picons and updating of satellites (transponders) from the web.
*Import to bouquet(Neutrino WEBTV) from m3u.
*Export of bouquets with IPTV services in m3u.
*Assignment of EPGs from DVB or XML for IPTV services (only Enigma2, experimental).
*Preview (playback) of IPTV or other streams directly from the bouquet list (should be installed VLC).

Keyboard shortcuts:

*Ctrl + X - only in bouquet list.
*Ctrl + C - only in services list.
Clipboard is “rubber”. There is an accumulation before the insertion!
*Ctrl + Insert - copies the selected channels from the main list to the the bouquet beginning
or inserts (creates) a new bouquet.
*Ctrl + BackSpace - copies the selected channels from the main list to the bouquet end.
*Ctrl + E - edit.
*Ctrl + R, F2 - rename.
*Ctrl + S, T in Satellites edit tool for create satellite or transponder.
*Ctrl + L - parental lock.
*Ctrl + H - hide/skip.
*Ctrl + P - start play IPTV or other stream in the bouquet list.
*Ctrl + Z - switch(zap) the channel(works when the HTTP API is enabled, Enigma2 only).
*Ctrl + W - switch to the channel and watch in the program.
*Space - select/deselect.
*Left/Right - remove selection.
*Ctrl + Up, Down, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End - move selected items in the list.
*Ctrl + O - (re)load user data from current dir.
*Ctrl + D - load data from receiver.
*Ctrl + U/B upload data/bouquets to receiver.
*Ctrl + F - show/hide search bar.
*Ctrl + Shift + F - show/hide filter bar.
For multiple mouse selection (including Drag and Drop), press and hold the Ctrl key!

Minimum requirements:
Python >= 3.5.2 and GTK+ >= 3.16 with PyGObject bindings, python3-requests.

To start the program, in most cases it is enough to download the archive, unpack and run it by
double clicking on DemonEditor.desktop in the root directory, or launching from the console
with the command: ./
Extra folders can be deleted, excluding the app folder and root files like DemonEditor.desktop and!

To create a simple debian package, you can use the
Users of LTS versions of Ubuntu or those based on them can use PPA repository.

The program is tested only with openATV image and Formuler F1 receiver in my favourite Linux distributions
(the latest versions of Linux Mint 18.* and 19* MATE 64-bit)!

Terrestrial(DVB-T/T2) and cable(DVB-C) channels are only supported for Enigma2!
Main supported lamedb format is version 4. Versions 3 and 5 has only experimental support!
For version 3 is only read mode available. When saving, version 4 format is used instead!

When using the multiple import feature, from lamedb will be taken data only for channels that are in the
selected bouquets! If you need full set of the data, including [satellites, terrestrial, cables].xml (current files will be overwritten),
just load your data via “File/Open” and press “Save”. When importing separate bouquet files, only those services
(excluding IPTV) that are in the current open lamedb (main list of services) will be imported.

Ver. 0.4.8 Pre-alpha Release


* Added record of current service.
* Added hints support.
* Added new paths settings.
* Added streams play mode.
* Added bouquet file naming option.
* Added picons multiple assignment.
* Picons assignment by dragging onto the icon or selected services.
* Update of German and Russian translation.
* Update of Dutch translation (thanks to Frank Neirynck).
* Update of Turkish translation (thanks to audi06_19).
* Some internal changes and bug fixes.
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Re: DemonEditor


Post by sakisvele »

Version 1.0.8 Alpha for Windows (64-bit, experimental) released.

Added support for downloading picons from (by Chocholoušek).
Added feature for saving single bouquets.
Added support for editing extra options (PID's) of services.
Update of Russian, Belarusian and German translations.
Some changes in the GUI.
Enabled VLC support.
Fixed youtube-dl loading.
Fixed missing translation for some GUI elements.

This version may be unstable! Not all features may work!
A backup of your settings is highly recommended!

This version uses MPV to play streams. All required libraries are already included in the package.

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